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Based on nature, human and biotechnology we research, develop and produce various materials with snail. The natural material GALS(Giant African Land Snail: Achatina Fulica) has been newly sampled by SNU(department of natural material science of Seoul National University), through from the results of R&D cooperation between our farm and SNU. We produce natural materials of Acharan Sulfate from giant snail and develop new products with IT and BT-based on laboratory. But also the results successfully achieved from NAPRI(Natural Product Research Institute) ware presented with the effects on human body and applications to medical ingrediants.

The flesh of Achatina Fulica that came out of the shells can be squeezed by means of a squeezer machine. Next the whole stuff of snails can be settled in the hot container or incubator at a temperature of 75 C. More 24 hours later, the dried snail pieces were then ground in a specific grinder. Thus, the obtained meal can be incorporated into the chicken diet.  In such cases, the effective benefits of eating snails is enriched with a protein source. The nutritional value of snails is relatively high. More precisely, the protein content of snail can make them a good protein source for humans. The protein value of Achatina Fulica is reported to be 62.4% for humans. In practise this means that out of 100g snail protein, 62.4g human body proteins can be made. We export the best snail products of frozen boiled meat to world wide and also we offer not frozen meat of white Achatina Fulica to Korean market. Achatina snails are well edible and are often considered a protein rich delicacy. A consuming these snails is therefore an interesting benefit in those area's where they have become an ingredient for a medical skin care production.

Fig.1 Feeding Achatina fulica using natural materials like green stuff, vegetables from our Achatina Snailery farm in Korea.
A feeding at night on the adequate environment related with temperature and sensitive humidity for snail is shown at the 2nd
picture. (c) 1999-2009, Achatina Snailery.

Use for natural materials in skin care products (Bio-Skin Revitializr)

Achatina snail sulfate will increases cellular turnover of healthy keratinocytes , pushing fresh cells to the surface more quickly and promoting old cells to slough off faster Increases calcium fixation. This stimulates and activates  fibroblasts proliferation, the cells that give rise to collagen, elastin and the water holding molecules that retain moisture, resulting in stronger, more resilient skin. The skin care increases GAG synthesis (water holding molecules, skin matrix components & intercellular messengers), providing natural hydration to the epidermis and dermis. This is for the use of a complex glyco-molecule (acharan sulfate) isolated from the body, and also present in the mucin of the snail, as a drug to inhibit angiogenesis: the development of new blood vessels.

New acharan sulfate in use for bio-skin revitalizer

Achatina snail sulfate will increases cellular turnover of healthy keratinocytes. This is for the use of a complex glyco-molecule (GAG, acharan sulfate*) isolated from the body, and also present in the mucin of the snail, as a drug to inhibit angiogenesis: the development of new blood vessels. (United States Patent 170064- Acharan sulfate isolated from complex secreted by snails.)

And also we are now providing the activities guides, teachers' resources and snail products for science education with biology curriculum. In the age of kindergarten and K1 to K3, the inquiry by snail feeding and exploring engage students to improving and understanding nature and science. The resources and applications using snail are suitable for the kindergarten and primary school science.  Sunyoung's farm is a very famous one of the snail farming site and applications in Korea, and several TV programs by KBS, SBS and MBC introduced and our faming story, demonstrated the educational activities for science education.

Farm's History


Sunyoung Farm established. We developed the activity guides and resources for kindergarten science education with various video and still images. Studied the biological breeding system, but we couldn't develop the automatic farming system, because the material cost is most higher and higher vs the consumer prices.

Introduced by iTV program: "Morning Date" on 22/5/2005
Introduced by KBS program: "Now going on Rural/agricultural and Fishing village"

Introduced by the journal of infant and children education, Commansee and produced the poster about learning the snail. In the movie "Wani and Junha by movie star Heesun Kim" a cutie snail played in a short time movie screen shot, the snail was provided by our farm.

Produced special materials for the medical applications.
Developed several cooking recipes with crossover and fusion methods.
Introduced by MBC program: "Focus on today"

GALS presented and reported by Department of Natural Science Materials Research and Development Institue of Seoul National University.
Cocoa breeding materials imported.

Produced sampled materials "Acharan" using snail for medical use and applications.
Developed and provided the educational products for Wiseman company.

2006-2007, 2008
Moved from Choburi maul to Hanmasan maul. We continued to develop and produce the medical use materials and the educational-use-products.

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